We built an iOS and Android app that automatically planned a person's meals, snacks, hydration, and sleep events based on their daily schedule.

For scientific accuracy, we accomplished this with the help of registered dietitians from the NCAA, NFL, NHL, MLB, NBA, USOC, hundreds of athletes from seven partner universities, and this collection of research.

Thank you to everyone who made this possible. Brainbuild is no longer active, but if you're interested in using the technology we built, email me πŸ‘‡

Timing Matters

Eat, sleep, and hydrate at the most optimal times based on your schedule.

Scientific Scheduling

We crunch the numbers every time you update your calendar so you will always have the most optimal health schedule.

  1. Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Daytime & Nighttime Snacks
  2. Pre-Workout Fuel, Post-Workout Recovery
  3. Hydration, Sleep, Calendar Reminders
Real-Time Reminders

We provide you with relevant real-time suggestions and adapts intelligently to your day-to-day needs based on scientific nutrient timing principles.

No more thinking, worrying, or guessingβ€”we do all the hard work so you don't have to.

Dietitian-Backed Suggestions

We've worked with registered dietitians from many professional sports and health care to develop balanced meal and snack choices; the right nutritional combination for sustained energy, focus and blood sugar levels.

Set your goal in your profile and we'll adapt to your needs.

Built for Teams

Brainbuild was designed to scale a dietitian's impact across all people in an organization at all times of the day.

Everything in Your Control

Only receive reminders that fit your needs. We conducted studies on the impact across all of these reminders.

Fully-Custom Templates

Dietitians could come in and change out our templates to fit their organization's specific needs and food options.

Be in the know, everywhere.

We synced with your calendar so you could plan out your day at a glance.

Sync across all devices.

iOS, Android, Desktop, Smartwatch

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What People Loved About Us

We created over 1 million+ scheduled health events on Brainbuild.

"Brainbuild helps me make sure that I’m fueling myself with the right foods at the right times to maximize performance without adding another task to my already crazy schedule.”

– Madison Bradshaw | #MaximizePerformance

"My favourite part is that it gives me dozens of examples of healthy and easy snacks and meals, for when I’m lacking inspiration in the kitchen."

– Claire | #NutritionInspiration

"I love the app, it constantly reminds you and plans out your day for you, in terms of eating. It saves you a headache. It gives you suggestions on what to eat which saves you another headache!"

– Professional Baseball Player | #ProfessionalSidekick

β€œI’d suggest the use of @brainbuildinc for sports nutritional education that speaks the NEW technology language of this generation.”

– Tino Fusco, Head Coach, D1 Women’s Soccer, Mount Royal University | #NewTechonolgy

"Having a very set schedule of my meals help keep me energized and focused throughout the day.”

– Division I Wrestling, Cornell University | #EnergyAndFocus

"I literally forget to eat when I don't have Brainbuild."

– Olli Payne, CEO at Tolli, Inc. | #StayHealthy

"Brainbuild has helped create a clear schedule that not only fits best with my schedule but one that is made with my performance needs in mind."

– Connor | #CustomizedForYou

"With a full schedule, Brainbuild has helped me plan out my day and reminded me to properly fuel my body throughout the day so that I can perform to the best of my ability everyday.”

– John | #BoostPerformance

"Brainbuild has resolved my mental and physical exhaustion by sending alerts that remind me to eat at the most opportune time of the day taking into account my specific schedule."

– Eugene | #PeaceOfMind

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