Brainbuild is no longer active but our impact and research lives on.

With the help of dietitians from the NCAA, NFL, NHL, MLB, NBA, USOC and hundreds of athletes from 7 partner universities, we were able to scientifically automate meal, snack, hydration, and sleep timing.

The biggest thank you to everyone who made this possible.

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Timing Matters

Eat, sleep, and hydrate at the most optimal times based on your schedule.


How Brainbuild Works


Scientific Scheduling

We crunch the numbers every time you update your calendar, workout, and sleep schedules so you will always have the most optimal health regimen.

  1. Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Daytime & Nighttime Snacks

  2. Pre-Workout Fuel, Post-Workout Recovery

  3. Hydration, Sleep, Calendar Reminders

Real-Time Reminders

We provide you with relevant real-time suggestions and adapts intelligently to your day-to-day needs based on scientific nutrient timing principles.

No more thinking, worrying, or guessing—we do all the hard work so you don't have to.

Dietitian-Backed Suggestions

We've worked with registered dietitians from many professional sports as well as those in the health care industry to develop ideally balanced meal and snack choices; the right nutritional combination for sustained energy, focus and  blood sugar levels. 

Set your goal in your profile and we'll adapt to your needs.


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What our users love about us

We’ve created over 1 million+ scheduled health events on Brainbuild.



Interested in using the technology we built? Email us.