A List of Core Beliefs: This is who I am in 25 bullets

The views I choose to hold about myself, others, and the world

I just turned 25.

I feel like the luckiest person to be in love with the life I have. If I died tomorrow, I would leave in peace, proud of the person I have become.

For my birthday, I reflected on where I am in my inner journey through my core beliefs.

Over the years, I learned the hard way just how powerful my beliefs can be. These views that I hold about myself, other people, and the world are the invisible threads stitching my reality together. They are not facts, but rather the lens from which I view everything through. They color my existence. They are often blind spots that are the root cause of my suffering.

“Our thoughts and feelings, our actions and reactions, respond not to the world as it actually is — for we never know reality directly — but to the world as we believe it to be.”

— James E. Alcock

The most important lesson I’ve learned is that my beliefs are choices that I make. Whether I’ve selected these beliefs consciously or unconsciously, I ultimately get to choose different beliefs as I outgrow old ones.

I have the power to give myself the gift of true freedom by confronting and releasing myself from the outdated beliefs that no longer serve me. I get to take full responsibility for their consequences and have a say in who I am being and becoming at every stage in life.

Here are the beliefs that most accurately represents who I am today and what I have learned in my 25 years of being alive. I look forward to looking back on these and seeing how much they will change.

My Core Beliefs

  1. Love is the highest goal and greatest ability that exists within me.
  2. Love can be present wherever I go, the more I share, the more I have.
  3. Every human being has the infinite potential to achieve the impossible.
  4. All I need is this moment to be happy, nothing more, nothing less.
  5. Above all else, my relationships give me the deepest fulfillment in life.
  6. Every wisdom tradition has value; I grow by respecting them equally.
  7. Happiness comes from reacting the same to both success and failure.
  8. The way I do one thing reflects the way I do everything.
  9. Work is a journey of transformation, a way to achieve my fullest self.
  10. A company makes an impact on its employees more than anyone else.
  11. The highest purpose for an organization is to spread its culture.
  12. My purpose is to plant trees under whose shade I do not expect to sit.
  13. The stories I tell myself and hold onto, define my existence.
  14. My childhood and upbringing have dictated my default ways of being.
  15. The relationship I have with my parents shows up everywhere.
  16. The art of growing up is learning to let go of the baggage from my past.
  17. I am deeply interconnected with everyone on this beautiful planet.
  18. There is endless strength in vulnerability and power in tenderness.
  19. My words can create and destroy worlds; I must choose them wisely.
  20. Love is a function of communication, which is everything I do.
  21. The skill of listening is far more important than speaking.
  22. The skill of unlearning is far more important than learning.
  23. What I wish to give to others, I must first give to myself.
  24. The greatest gift to give someone is the space to be fully themselves.
  25. I am 100% responsible for how these beliefs impact my life and others.

To everyone I have been able to share this beautiful life with—thank you from the bottom of my heart. I am eternally grateful.