I’m Joseph Lam.

I’m an endlessly curious entrepreneur, passionate about people, inner work, and building humane companies. For the past 5 years, I’ve worked with startups, built an award-winning nutrition tech company in college, and now redefining technical learning within companies.

I didn’t make it here alone — I owe everything to the people who have taken a stand for my growth and continue to support me along my journey.

When I’m not working, I train in the circus arts with a focus on hand balancing. In a previous life, I competed for the United States in 7 world cups and earned 8 national medals in the sport of fencing.

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2018 ~ Present

Founding Team of LifeGyde. We are an enterprise SaaS platform that manages peer-to-peer learning for high growth companies. Some of our clients include: Salesforce, Airbnb, WeWork, and Shopify.

LifeGyde has become my second family. Building this rocketship alongside these incredible people has been one of the most rewarding growth experiences of my life.

Our Mission: A world where work enables us find identity, purpose, and community wherever we go.



2016 ~ 2018

Founder & CEO of Brainbuild. We provided an automated nutrition scheduling system that optimized the timing of meals, snacks, hydration, and sleep events based on a person's unique daily schedule.

Brainbuild was my first company, where I took what I learned from having daily routines as an athlete and embarked on a journey to provide those insights to as many other athletes as possible.

I was selected as one of Inc’s Top 50 Emerging Young Entrepreneurs in the world and Brainbuild as one of Inc’s Top 30 Emerging Companies in the US. We also won the Frank Borchardt Prize.

Our Mission: Help humanity thrive by enabling people to make better health decisions at the best times each day.



Circus Arts

2018 ~ Present

I discovered my passion for this way of life when I took my first hand balancing class in February of 2018, and have since fallen in love with its incredible community.

Circus Center is another home of mine, where I train in San Francisco. Find me here balancing on my hands, benches, and chairs, occasionally dabbling in aerial, contortion, juggling, and ballet. Join me!



2008 ~ 2017

For the first 5 years I trained 6 days a week for 49 weeks of the year—practicing, coaching, and competing around the world in countries like France, Spain, Poland, Hungary, Germany, Italy, Austria, China, and the Czech Republic.

These years profoundly shaped me into who I am today.

  • 8x U.S. National Medalist

  • 7x World Cup Competitor

  • 2x Pacific Coast Championships Gold Medalist

  • U.S. National Traveling Team

  • NCAA National Championships Competitor

  • Duke University DI Varsity Fencing Team

  • Guest Coach at the Beijing Olympic Village


A 3-part email template that helped me leave my
comfort zone and start a company in college


An eternally unfolding summary of what I have learned and who I strive to be in work and in life.

Love Courageously

I strive to live a life where love is present wherever I go—that the people around me find love for who they are, love for others, and love for what they do. Living with a broken-open heart. A person’s capacity to love is one of the only things that will expand the more of it is given to others, and its depth is infinite.

Being Over Doing

Who I am being in every moment dictates the choices that I make, and life is nothing but a series of choices. It is in taking full ownership of my existence, the impact I have on the people and world around me, that brings about the most profound growth. What I do is a byproduct.

Always Be Elevating Others

To lead is to help others succeed. After all, we only have each other in this world. My goal is to create spaces for people to discover their sense of purpose, realize their capabilities, find their energy, communicate powerfully, and help others do the same. In doing so, we are all successful.

Work as a Transformative Journey

To work hard at work worth doing is one of life’s most precious gifts. My goal is to raise the quality of life worldwide by building humane companies. It is through confronting myself, shedding fear and ego, that my highest self shines through as an instrument for lasting, transformative work.

Joyful Growth

To grow is to take on more ownership, leadership, challenges, and setbacks. To grow is to fall down, get up, unlearn, let go, embrace, know nothing. To be stretched beyond my existing limits is the ever-expanding journey that is far more joyful and fulfilling than any destination.

Beyond Imagination

I want to live a life that doesn’t just exceed my expectations, but one that exceeds my imagination. I want to be able to look back and stand in awe at who I am today, what I’m doing, as what I couldn’t have even imagined a year ago, a month ago, a week ago. I want everyone around me to live this kind of life.